Our Team.

Our lead Team is a group of people, with the máximum capability and international expertise in the renewables, with a long business expertise managing and designing renewables deals. Since initial development to build & operate under most quality, efficiency and profitability conditions.

Projects & Technologies.

Our Skills, máximum transparency and profesionality , minimazing the deal risk to 0,managing all and each of the development steps, leading with the customers, managing the cuonstructions since the greenfield adquisition to ready to operate financialy, technical and legal.

Renewables Energies.



We design all types of engineering projects, including high and low voltage electrical installations. Our designs are based on a energy optimization criteria and we have extensive experience executing all kinds of projects.

-Onshore Wind Farms.


-Photovoltaic Installations.

-Industrial Projects.



-Waste to energy & fuel.




Has more than 15 years in the energy sector, has arrangements in place for project financing with several banks, equity funds, venture capitals...